Katharine Isabelle is currently a part of a new Netflix show called The Order! I'm always happy to see her in something new. I've been telling people about her and her work ever since Ginger Snaps. I really do recommend you check out what she's been a part of. It's varied, interesting, good (duh), and entertaining. This latest show involves magic and stuff. It really suits her well.

Another show she's been in recently is a Canadian original series done by CBC called Little Dog. It's funny, a little gritty, a little stupid. It's awesome! I kind of think of it as five notches more intelligent than Trailer Park Boys.

Oh and I want to mention, she's a Canadian. I think that's something to appreciate, but that's just me! The Order, by the way, although produced by Netflix and can be considered an American show, was shot primarily in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia. Personally, I was able to tell this was a Canadian production just by the feel of it. Reminiscences of Ginger Snaps yet again came to mind when considering the cinematography.