Let me just say right off the bat that I am a huge fan of Stieg Larsson's books, as well as the original Swedish film adaptations. I must say I enjoyed the American adaptation of the first book too. The truly disappointing thing is the recent American adaptation of the 4th book, written not by Larsson but by David Lagercrantz.

Not that there's anything wrong with the book! It was actually a pretty well written piece, and I consider it to be more of a tribute to Larsson than anything else. I felt like it did the original author justice and it tried to respect the original stories. Granted, there are a few things introduced in the novel which would make any real Larsson fan wonder whether this would've been an approved direction by the author or not, but by and large, I feel like it was all done with the best interests of the story at heart.

The film adaptation though, was atrocious. I mean, if you were completely unfamiliar with the book, let alone the original trilogy, then you might find the film decently put together and all in all a fun ride. Which I did too. However if you were to compare what was brought to film with the book, then you'd simply be appalled! It's as if they put the book aside and said, "Okay forget about this book, let's just write a whole new movie because we can do it better!"

They were sorely mistaken though. If only they stuck to the book as much as possible (there will always be discrepancies somewhere when comparing book to film) like they did with the other movies then we would've had a worthy instalment of this series on our hands!

Alas, I will not be watching The Girl in the Spider's Web again. I do plan on rewatching (for the umpteenth time) the original Swedish films (my favourite editions are the 3hr+ versions) and that's about it. I've seen the American version of Dragon Tattoo a few times but I don't feel like revisiting it.

If only Rooney and Craig and Fincher had a chance to complete the trilogy, how awesome would that've been?!

Oh... and you should definitely check out the soundtracks for the original Swedish films, and the two American adaptations. The one for the recent film is kind of a generic score, but still a nice listen. The other adaptation was given a gem of a treatment by none other than Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. A truly special collection. And the original's by Jacob Groth was a nice short collection of tracks.