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So here's what they say, "Fans of Muse, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Silversun Pickups, City and Colour, X Ambassadors, A Perfect Circle, Young the Giant, Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons and similar acts won't be disappointed." Okay, so even though I know pretty much all the bands listed, and given that I only personally like 2 or 3 of them I'll still go ahead and affirm the accuracy of those comparisons. However I do hear the uniqueness of Chair Warriors in this EP and I think you will too. Furthermore, the strength of the songwriting on this release should overshadow any temptation to keep comparing them to anyone else.

Yeah, so I know the drummer of the band. We share mutual friends and acquaintances and past contacts and whatnot. But that has no bearing on this review. I paid for this CD too, if that helps. To me I'd say it does, a little. I wasn't even sure if I'd write anything about this either. I certainly wasn't asked or expected to. Here I am though, telling you about this music which I think is impressive for its genre, and telling you that these songs will grow on you as I already know I'll be coming back to this record again and again to enjoy it. Just as I do for all the other favourites I've amassed over the years. Yes I can already say this will be among my favourites because it's all in the songwriting and performance and not in any gimmicks or catch phrases or trends.

That's all I'm going to say on this one. I ain't Pitchfork. This is my review and it's honest. E-mail them and buy a CD. Have a good one.