This album is fantastic! When a band has chops like these guys do, and when a band is such a beautifully cohesive unit like these guys are, then you've found my alley and this is right up it! The last time I heard an album with this much intensity was Paramore's Brand New Eyes. That's the only comparison that comes to mind, but it's not meant to compare the 2 albums because ONE OK ROCK is not female fronted. But they do have a similar band structure, and well they also kick ass so that's where the commonalities lay.

I waited for the Japanese edition of this one because Avril Lavigne appears on their track Listen. You won't hear that on the International version.

I've been flipping out over this record for the past few days now, telling whoever I could, and finally felt the inspiration to write a post about it and hopefully introduce more people to it!

I recently have been listening to a LOT of asian music. I would love to share an observation I've made, something that really excites me and makes me want to keep discovering more music from this part of the world: they try harder! They seem to put more passion into their music! They've got chops! It really blows me away how awesome the music coming out of Japan is especially.

Not everything from Japan is anime related! And this band is one example that shattered that misconception I had in a certain regard. Although I never took the time to delve into all of this until now. Of course I was aware of the variety in Asian and Japanese music, but again I just never had the opportunity to immerse myself in this music before!

So get your hands on a copy of this album however you can, and spin it again and again and again! It kicks major ass!