Garfield. What?! Haha yes that's right Garfield. This album by Lou Rawls, who I honestly only heard his name in passing possibly, and Desirée Goyette, apparently this is her first recording for a label release. So yeah this album feels great. Really uplifting but smooth at doing it, and it's got some great jazzy tunes. The vocals are very nice. They mix in dialogue from the Garfield show between songs and it is surprisingly enjoyable.

There is a ballad track with a solo performance by Desirée which breaks from the tone of the album for just a moment, not necessarily in a bad way but I am not always into such style of song.

I found this release through a friend. I laughed at first because it was Garfield and I thought it would be something silly. I gave it a shot and it's a record I think I'll spin again someday soon!