Oh nelly! How surprised, honoured and happy I was to have been kindly offered an advance listen of Unbeing's upcoming progressive metal tour de force CERES. It's going to be released worldwide on streaming services and digital stores May 31st 2016 so GET READY. Unsure about any physical release plans yet.

Here's what I think about it:

Ceres... a wonderful demonstration of progressive metal skill and conceptual design.
Entrenched in a futuristic world, the story behind Ceres comes to life amidst a cleverly and imaginatively conceived framework involving a remote space mission and a possible planet-wide psychological threat risk. The included PDF booklet provides all the information you'll need before embarking on this beautifully infused sonic journey.

The first 6 tracks are the instrumental version of Ceres. The 7th track is all 6 in 1 PLUS the narrative elements that, in my opinion, tie the album into a truly cohesive adventure and is my favourite way to experience the album. However, you are provided a choice and thus it is up to you to enjoy it your own way.

I hope you'll take the time to experience this piece of music for yourself and I hope Ceres gets around because a lot of prog metal fans interested in music that isn't following the latest trend will love this one.

LOOK FOR CERES on MAY 31 2016 on your favourite digital music service!