A Memoir Of Two Years In Solitude

Let me start by saying that I did find this book to be a wonderful read. I will now immediately follow that statement by saying the ending disappointed me. Why? Well I guess that all boils down to my perspective on things. That's all I'm going to say on this point because I don't want to enter spoiler territory. Rest assured that you may very well enjoy the ending since you are not me and therefore view life through a different lens, so to speak.

But yes, this book really was a wonderful read! My favourite part of it was the imagery, the descriptiveness, it was all very effective. I was able to relate to certain moments too since I have had my own forays exploring solitude. I appreciated Axelrod's perspective and I thoroughly enjoyed the speaker's reflections on situations as they were happening.

I would like to add here that I got a feeling from my reading experience that this book has twenty-somethings in mind. Sure, the story revolves around a man, mid-twenties, so I guess I should've seen that one coming, but this fact doesn't necessarily make anyone outside that age range feel unwelcome. It's just that if you are in your thirties you will find the "twenty-something feeling" extremely apparent and you will either appreciate it or not.

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, aside from my critiques above, and I would gladly recommend this to anyone intrigued by the title and subtitle of this book.

4 stars