The Girl In The Spider's Web
A Lisbeth Salander Novel
Continuing Stieg Larsson's Millennium Series

David Lagercrantz

Yes! I can't believe I am finally here, at the end of yet another journey that I never thought would ever happen again. But it has! Let me say straight away that I am a huge fan of everything Millennium and Lisbeth Salander, however I will try to give you an honest review of this latest instalment because it is a very important one. Why? The largest issue is the fact that this was not written by the original creator of the series, Stieg Larsson. This alone was the source of much controversy among fans regarding the quality of such a release. Let me quell your fears. You will not be disappointed!

In fact, you could say that in some ways I am shocked at how good this book is. Of course I went into it with not only excitement, but a wariness that everything that embodied my love for this series would be ruined. What do I love about this series? Lisbeth Salander, of course, the depth and mystique of her character. Her personality. Her intelligence. Then there is Mikael Blomkvist. He alone reminds me forever of Stieg because it is no secret that he put a little bit of himself into him, being a writer and journalist himself. What else? You'll get to see for yourself because everyone you know from the previous books, and many new ones, appear in this novel.

Don't be swayed by the mentions in other reviews out there of too much tech jargon, or how there is not enough Lisbeth, or even that there are simply too many new characters to keep track of.

You'll be hanging on just fine if you've never had any trouble with the previous books. In fact I think you'll even appreciate the detail Lagercrantz goes into when it comes to the hacking nitty gritty. It's got the right balance of just enough truth, but simple enough not to pretend like it's a book for technical experts.

I can't stress enough that this author has not only faithfully caught the vibe of the characters, but he's weaved them in a way which would make Larsson himself proud.

What a phenomenon! How this author can pick up the torch and keep such a beautiful and deep story alive for its fans who are so in love with everything to do with Lisbeth's world. There is a wonderful formula to this series, and Lagercrantz succeeded in wielding it! You'll appreciate the end of the novel where the author writes a message for his readers. It's no surprise he underwent great concern regarding his ability to faithfully represent not only the Lisbeth character and the series, but also to satisfy its fans.

Camilla makes an appearance in this one! Yes, finally we get to witness firsthand what she is all about. I believe if Larsson were to have had the chance to introduce Lisbeth's "evil twin" himself, it would not be so different as how Lagercrantz did it.

Blomkvist has gotten a bad rap in some of the reviews I read. Do not despair! Blomkvist has been shown much love and if you are as much of a fan of his character as I am, you'll be greatly pleased.

Erika Berger and the whole Millennium outfit is given some more attention in this novel too. This is not a bad thing! Believe me!

Everybody is in it together in this one. Even Officer Bubble is given a little more love! You won't be disappointed if you're hoping to be brought on another wild ride with Lisbeth behind it all. Granted she doesn't appear until close to the halfway point, but you'll feel like it was the right time. I certainly did.

When I reached that last page... The wait was all worth it! Thank you David Lagercrantz!