Nothing To Envy
Love, Life And Death In North Korea
by Barbara Demick

Yet another book based on North Korea that I have read recently. This one is special and stands apart from the others in that it does not describe or revolve around life in prison camps, but it is wholly focused on the ordinary lives of 6 North Korean defectors.

Granted, there are times where prison camps are mentioned or briefly described but they serve as part of that particular citizen's life story and not as a profile or analysis of the camps themselves.

Each person interviewed for this book has a very eye-opening and enlightening story to tell. I really enjoyed this one. It's amazing to me how even the most regular of lives in that country is still so far below the standard we've come to expect in developed countries. It's also surprising how with there being different people and different lives, there are many similarities in their struggle as North Koreans. I recommend this wholeheartedly!

5 stars