Aquariums Of Pyongyang

Ten Years In The North Korean Gulag
by Kang Chol-Hwan and Pierre Rigoulot
translated by Yair Reiner

I have read a few books on this subject so far. I won't be able to provide anything substantially new in this review, however this book does provide further insight into life in North Korea but almost entirely about life in Yodok. Camp 15.

Mr. Kang's story is a powerful one. He was sent to the camp at the age of 10 and spent the next ten imprisoned (along with his immediate family, but not his mother, who was exempt from this condemnation and forced to divorce her husband upon them being sent to the camp). His coming of age story is unlike any other you've likely read. I highly recommend this account, which was well written, about life in Yodok and the struggle so many North Koreans face on their search and journey towards freedom.

5 stars