Charles Bukowski


Ahhhh Bukowski... I've seen so many youtube videos of him just shooting the shit. I've read a few of his poems and I've listened to more. I've seen Barfly, which was an awesome film. Women is the first novel of his I ever read. I loved it of course!

I feel like in this age, Bukowski's words are either growing more and more offensive with each day, or more and more refreshing! I prefer to take it as the latter. It certainly was a refreshing read for me. The brutal honesty, the humour... His way of being. I ate it up and would look forward to each new anecdote or story or fling each page brought.

All it takes to enjoy Women, or any other works by Bukowski is a bit of willing abandon. Whether you have many similarities to the character and lifestyle of Henry Chinaski, or you couldn't be more of an opposite, I think there's something for every true lover of literature in here. It's not about being converted to a new way of seeing the world, it's about being able to escape into a new one and be taken on a wild ride. It's like a crazy friend who drags you out on the town when you weren't really feeling it, but once out there you wonder why you even bother getting up to go to work in the morning when you can just keep the party going forever and ever and ever.

I gave this book 5 stars on goodreads.