Smokey Amplifiers

I first used this amp while I was in California doing a recording session. Yes that sentence probably sounds more glamorous than it is, but it's the truth. I was fascinated by this little devil, even more so when I was told I could plug it into a speaker cabinet! I guess I get joy out of the simple things, because this one tickled me pink.

The thing is, I never got the name of the amp and I didn't even think about trying to find it again until years later. To my pleasant surprise, I discovered that this amp is only 30$ USD. What a great price for a little gem like this!

Battery powered, volume controlled only by your guitar, it's got a decent sound considering what it is. Its overdrive is nice and dirty and warm too, but a little high on the treble.

What's really cool about this amp is that if you place it inside containers or boxes or drawers or anywhere imaginative, you can mould the overall personality of its output in ways that will complement close quarter microphone recording!

I left this little guy in my closet for a while but recently threw a 9V bolt battery in there and am looking forward to seeing how "big" I can get this amp to sound, using a little creative placement of course! Take a look at the date this post was published, and then come back soon for my very next musical release which will use this amp.